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Train Ticket FAQ

Booking a train ticket in Europe with Omio is easy. Just simply put in your departure and arrival destinations — and the date you’d like to travel— then Omio will do all the hard work for you. Within seconds, our search will present you with all the possible train routes running that day along with a breakdown of times and prices. Once you’ve picked the option that suits you best you just need to follow the instructions and within moments you would’ve paid and received your ticket!

Please note: That in some countries you can only book tickets up to 3 months in advance

Although most train journeys in Europe don’t require you to have a seat reservation, it is advised to buy one to secure yourself a seat. In some cases, particularly in the UK your seat reservation comes included when you buy a specific ticket. Other companies such as Deutsche Bahn and Trenitalia will offer seat reservations for an extra fee. If you have a Eurail pass then you will need to buy an additional seat reservation for every trip you take. Also in some rare cases, such as the Bernina Express, you must buy a seat reservation to be able to get on the train.

If your ticket is a mobile ticket (don’t worry we’ll let you know) then all you need to do is make sure your phone is fully charged! If your ticket needs to be printed then make sure this is done before you board your train. Also, give yourself plenty of time to find the platform. Some trains station, particularly in larger cities, can be quite big and its best to avoid stress by being there in time to find the platform and maybe pick -up a snack before you board the train.

Amenities will vary from country-to-country and train to train. Although it is safe to say that most long-distance journeys will have charging sockets, a cafe and Wifi. Furthermore, most trains in Europe will have toilets onboard and baggage storage.

Taking baggage on European trains is much more relaxed than that of airlines and in, some cases, buses. The general rule is that you’re allowed to bring with you what you can carry — for example, 2 large suitcases and a carry-on. Bags can be stowed either above the seats or at the end of each carriage and will be safe. Bigger items such as bikes will often need to have a ticket bought for them and for longer journeys may need to be stored in a different carriage. It is best to check with the train company that you are traveling to check their bike policy.

If you are traveling by Eurostar then it is worth noting that they have a baggage limit of two large items (of a maximum of 85cm in one dimension) as well as a carry-on. They also prohibit the carrying of certain items including knives over 3 inches and flammable canisters.

Pet policy varies from country-to-country as well as companies. All companies will allow guide dogs but it is always worth notifying the company beforehand as sometimes they may require a free ticket to board the train. Most train companies, allow small dogs as long as they are properly stored in a dog carrier. However, as policies do vary we recommend checking with the company before purchasing your tickets. International services such as Eurostar will not allow animals except guide dogs.

Traveling with children on trains in Europe is simple and often one of the easiest ways to get around the continent. Child travel policy varies from company-to-company but children 15 and under will often travel at a discounted price and must be accompanied by an adult. Babies and toddlers can often travel for free if they share a seat. It is worth checking with the train companies as ages and policies to vary.

Refunds depend on the company you are traveling with and the type of ticket you originally purchased. To check if you apply for a refund it is best to check with the train company directly or you can speak to someone in our Customer Service department.

Bus Ticket FAQ

Booking a bus ticket in Europe is easy with Omio. Once you know your route simply put the departure and arrivals points—along with date you wish to travel—into the search and within seconds you’ll be given plenty of options, meaning you can pick the journey that suits you best. Then just follow the simple steps and within a few minutes, you’ll have your ticket for your trip!

Getting Your Ticket:If your ticket is a mobile ticket—don’t worry we’ll let you know—then all you need to do before getting on your bus is make sure you can access it to show it to the driver. If your ticket is not a mobile ticket then you’ll need to make sure you’ve downloaded or printed the pdf of your ticket prior to departure. Then just make sure you have your ticket on hand when you board the bus so you can show it to the driver.

Good to know: Although most buses leave from a bus station, they can sometimes leave from other bus stops around the city. We recommend checking the address of the bus stop before you plan to leave and giving yourself plenty of time to find it. If you can find the stop at some point during your stay then even better!

All long-distance buses will have a bathroom onboard. It is also becoming more frequent for buses to provide WiFi and power sockets — particularly useful for longer trips. In some cases, some buses companies, such as RegioJet, even have an onboard trolley service providing snacks and hot beverages. To be sure of what your bus will offer, you can find out by checking the company page.

Unlike airlines, buses in Europe often have generous luggage allowances that don’t come at an extra cost. Company policies do vary so it is best to check with the company to be on the safe side. However, the general rule is that you are allowed a bigger bag to go in the hold and a smaller bag, one that fit above or underneath the seat.

Pet policy varies from company to company so it is always best to check with the bus company directly. It is safe to assume that guide dogs are allowed on all buses across Europe, however, the bus company should be notified before you travel. Some bus companies, such as Flixbus, allow small animals (no bigger than a domestic cat) onboard if they are in a proper animal carrier.

Refunds depend on the company you are traveling with and the type of ticket you originally purchased. If you bought a flexible ticket then it is often likely you can change the bus you are meant to be traveling on and, in some cases, get a refund. However, if you bought a non-flexible ticket then it is unlikely you would be able to get a refund if you decide to cancel your journey. To check if you apply for a refund it is best to check with the bus company directly or you can speak to some in our Customer Service department.

Traveling with children varies from bus company to company as well as country to country. Generally, children up to 15 are considered children throughout Europe and will need to travel with an adult. Babies and toddlers can often travel for free if traveling with an adult but will need a car seat for safety. All children under 15 will be able to travel at a discounted rate. If you are unsure then we recommend checking with the bus company you are traveling with directly to find out their child policy.

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Ten Essential Things To Consider While Hiring A Bus For A Travel

Hiring a bus while organizing a tour or conducting an event is a wise decision since the bus charters ensures everyone’s safety. When traveling, you should be aware of before going ahead with a decision. Here are tips on choosing a company and having all the details for organizing the trip.

Buses are a safe and reliable option for both traveling within European countries such as France and Spain as often buses offer routes not only between cities but also to smaller locations that are harder to reach—even by train! Buses are also a great option for traveling across countries, with lots of companies offering intercontinental routes.

The biggest perk of traveling by bus is that it often the most cost-effective choice. Prices don’t fluctuate as much meaning buses are a great option for those on a tighter budget or those who want to be more flexible with their plans.

Public Transport buy a bus ticket for more ease of mind
Public Transport buy a bus ticket for more ease of mind
  • The first and foremost thing to be done is to check the reliability of the company by surfing round the web for government safety ratings and insurance of the company you are going to hire. Internet searching will clearly tell you why people do or don’t use them.
  • Availability of the company should be checked. It may vary from season to season, day to day and also area to area. They may also have a rule of advance booking of 21 to 90 days.
  • Compare the prices of booking a bus. Usually a deposit of 10 percent of the travel price is taken . These prices vary depending upon the length and type of travel.
  • Have knowledge about the average pricing for mileage of a hired bus to decide upon the company. This can vary with the rising cost of gas prices but there shouldn’t be much a difference.
  • There are companies which will increase their prices when the travel dates draws nearer.
  • Ensure that the bus which you booked is not sub contracted out to another company or over sold. Be clear that such mishaps don’t happen.
  • Get details about how the hired people are priced…it is an hourly price (price per hour) for local destinations and mileage price( price per mile) for far destination travel.
  • Check for the rules and regulations of the company. Many companies allows alcohol with a deposit which is refundable the company of your choice allow such acts.
  • Understand the driving rules where there is a concern for time when planning many people cannot drive more than ten hours following an off duty of eight hours.
  • Check for the security and reliability and don’t go by false promises. Ensure hired people are trustworthy and know the direction to meet the destination lest they mislead you.

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