Navigating Airport Security With Children

Airport Security

Over the last several years, airport security measures have changed quite a bit. If you haven’t flown in a while, there are a few things you should know.  

Strollers, car seats, toys and all other objects must go through the security X ray machine. Fold your stroller and make sure to remove small toys or other items from storage pockets before putting it on the conveyer belt. Put them in the plastic bins provided This way nothing gets lost. Make sure to warn your child about the process and reassure them you will get your items back.

Never put your car seat through the metal detector with your child still in it

When going through the walk through metal detector, you will probably need to remove your baby from sling or baby carrier so the baby carrier can be inspected.

Instruct your children to empty their pockets before going through the metal detector, also remind them that the security check point is not the place for games or loud, boisterous behavior.

Have your older child go through the metal detector in front of you so that you can keep visual contact with her/him.  Carry younger children.

You are not allowed to pass your child to anyone else while you are going through the metal detector.

If the metal detector goes off and you are carrying your child, both you and the child will further examined by security. You will probably be asked to remove your shoes and they may scan you and your child with a wand.

Never hand your child to the security guard to hold.

If traveling with a baby or toddler, you are able to carry breast milk or formula in your carry on bag.

You can request a private security screening if you are traveling with more than one child, or if your child has a disability and requires special care.