Holiday Stress

Coping With Holiday Stress

The holidays are upon us and instead of leisurely sipping eggnog around the fireplace, we find ourselves in a frenzy trying to get all too many things done in anticipation of that one perfect, albeit elusive holiday moment. Despite expectations, holidays are a time when many of us end up so stressed and overworked, the …

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airport Travel

Travel for free to over 80 locations

Marketers should consider employment status when allocating resources for targeting consumers. Full time employees make as many daily contacts as part time employees and stay-at-homers combined! A consumer package goods manufacturer might consider sampling its products in or near their targeted consumers’ workplace rather than, or in addition to, traditional in-home sampling. For purposes of …

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Go Hiking!

Hiking is an outdoor sport that requires no equipment. It’s one of the least expensive sports you can engage in. It’s basically walking, conducted in a natural setting. Some hiking is goal-oriented, with a specific distance or destination in mind, while other hikes take the form of rambling, with no particular goal other than exercise …

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