A Tour Guide To A Good Vacation

Tour Guide

The most important thing that ensures a good vacation is travel preparation. Depending on the kind of holiday that you have planned and the mode of travel that you have decided to take, you must pack accordingly. Maps are available on the internet to download and so are directions to any place that you will be visiting. This should be the most important preparation for a road trip. Deal with the visa and immunization requirements before taking a trip to other countries. It is prudent to follow some guidelines while packing and take some safety measures in order to ensure that you truly prepared for your vacation.

Put some thought into what you pack. Pack clothes keeping in mind what kind of activities that you will be undertaking, whether it will be casual or formal.

Make sure you take different jewelry, scarves and belts which can completely change the total look of an outfit, rather than carrying too many clothes. You do not need to have more than five or six sets of clothes. Take clothes that you can mix and match and give you a good wear. This way you will be leaving some spare space in your suitcase to bring back something that you may buy while holidaying.

Instead of taking bulky sweaters and coats which take up lots of space, take clothes in different that can be layered. Washing and drying them is easy too.

Follow the same principles while packing for a child. It might be wise to put each outfit into a zippered bag, to give your child ease in choosing what to wear, without messing up the folded clothes. It is very important to carry all the required medicines for your child, especially if he needs any particular medication. For example, a child with asthma should have his inhaler and a child with some allergy should have the antidote for it, in his back pack.

There are certain tricks to packing. Save space by rolling up socks and stuffing into the extra pair of shoes that you need to carry. Use leak proof plastic bags to carry your toiletries. Side pockets or mesh bags should used to put in your underwear.

If you are flying, then you should follow the standard tour guide of packing one set of under garments, your toothbrush and your essential medicines into a bag which you should carry with you. Often your baggage gets lost and so this is a very useful tip to follow.

Often you are not allowed to lock your suitcases when you are flying. So ensure that you do not pack your important documents, valuables, camera, keys, money and medicines in your suitcases which you would check in. Not only is there a security risk, there is also the possibility of anyone opening and checking out all your stuff.

While taking a vacation, you should be mentally prepared for any eventuality that could occur like your baggage not arriving with you, sudden weather change, unexpected ear ache or tooth ache. Be forewarned and forearmed. Then you can be prepared to tackle anything and have a great holiday.

When you are in a whole new unfamiliar place, a travel guide is your only source of survival, save for the local tourist guide. Obviously, a travel guide is not a mere brochure that you can browse on to make you excited to go to a new country. It has to state the whereabouts in the area that you want to go. If your travel guide does not give sufficient information, then you should find yourself lost in no time. Here is a list of information that a travel guide has to have.

  1. After a whole day of walking around cobblestone sidewalks and tourist spots, you will want to rest your weary feet. In an overnight tour or even longer, a good hotel or inn will be your last destination. You will long for the comfort that your bed and sheets back home gives you, so a good place to sleep at is important. Make sure it is equipped with all the necessary stuff, like sofas for chilling out, a coffee table, enough cabinets and drawers and most importantly, your very own toilet and bath. Another thing to consider is the price. Well-known hotels obviously are more expensive, complete with a kitchen, luxurious bath tubs and even a terrace that offers a breathtaking view. Plus, they have a lot more promos like a breakfast-in-bed or lunch buffet and spas or massages.
  2. Some travel manuals also have basic language booklets or bits of the important words you will need to know to communicate with the locals. They usually have simple words and phrases like “what”, “where”, “how much”, “I’ll take this”, “please” and “thank you”.
  3. If your travel guide contains important telephone numbers like embassies, airport, major airlines, the local police and tourist info center then good for you. It will surely come in handy when you find yourself in trouble big time.
  4. Needless to say, travel guides should have a list of tourist attractions of a certain place. These will help you budget your time in order for you to visit all the beautiful places and make your trip a memorable one. If you are lucky enough, you could get a travel guide does not only have a list of the tourist spots, but also of the places that are frequented by the locals. This way, you will absolutely savor the place and feel like a local yourself.
  5. And for the times when you want to sample the local delicacies, look for dining facilities which should be found in your travel guide.